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Linky Goodness: Kindred Cocktails

Yeah, it’s a post. First one in in nearly six weeks! Try not to faint.

Every now and again one needs to take a little break, which I hope is understandable. I also hope you haven’t forgotten about this little weblog in the meantime — I’m sure many shiny things have come along in the last 42 days to distract you. Rest assured that posts will be picking up now.

So! One of the things I’ve been distracting myself with is a relatively new site I stumbled across thanks to the Ardent Spirits newsletter (which you should subscribe to if 1) you’re a lover of boozy things, and 2) you haven’t already done so).

Kindred Cocktails is described as a “craft cocktail recipe database for enthusiasts & professionals,” which pretty much sums it up. It differs from CocktailDB in that the focus is on new recipes from craft bartenders rather than historic ones. There’s also a certain amount of moderation happening, so that you don’t end up with 2,500 cocktails created by college students that contain Jägermeister, cream and lemon juice and are called something like “The Puddle of Vomit” as you get in certain other add-to-it-yourself online drinks databases. There’s rather good stuff to be found here.

You can add your own creations, or creations from your favorite bartender that aren’t already in KC’s database. You can keep your own running cocktail recipe book on your profile, export recipes to CSV or plain text for insertion into your favorite database software, and more. (Hmm, wonder if we’ll see a Kindred Cocktails iOS app anytime. Ahem. Getting ahead of myself here, I’m sure!)

So go play around with it while I get my head out of my arse and start posting again.  Cheers!