A compendium of all the cocktail recipes published on Looka! since 1999. New cocktail recipe posts are automatically added, and also included are all old posts imported into WordPress from the old hand-coded weblog.

[NOTE: Somehow the entire cocktail index got broken in late 2012, and has been repaired by the incredible Marleigh Miller, Looka! administrator in charge of the Chuck-Is-Useless-At-WordPress-and-CSS-Coding Department. The old index plugin hadn’t been updated in three years and no longer worked with the current version of WordPress, and Marleigh replaced that with another. The index works once again, but the plugin doesn’t alphabetize the drinks within each letter grouping, which we’re hoping to get fixed.]

There doesn’t seem to be a way to create multiple index entries for posts which contain more than one recipe. Such posts are listed by its primary recipe, with the other drinks included parenthetically.

Drink creators’ attributions are included where available. Original cocktails created by Wesly or me are marked with an asterisk.

You will find 362 posts in the category cocktails on this blog.

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