What we’re drinking


#WhatWereDrinking has been a hashtag we’ve been using for the Bar Keeper Instagram feed (y’all know I work at Bar Keeper now, yes?), and I thought it seemed time to start a similar series in the newly revitalized Looka!

Just messing around tonight, but can’t take any particular credit for this as it’s just one or more variations on one or more themes. Arguably this is kind of a Black Manhattan/Negroni/Old Pal hybrid or some such. Equal amounts Congenial Spirits Twelve Five Rye, Aperol, and Amaro CioCiaro, with Bitter Truth grapefruit bitters and an orange twist. Delightfully smooth and mellow, but still aperitif-y.

One Response to “What we’re drinking”

  1. Ryan said:

    Oct 21, 14 at 11:15 pm

    Awesome, now if I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere I could mix one up, time to schedule a “rum” run. I’ll be pretty ecstatic if you start posting regularly again.