The High Hat Cocktail

Hello kids! It’s time for “Playing with CocktailDB“.

Doc and Martin and been doing an amazing job with CocktailDB, and the rewritten and revamped version of what’s up is only a hint as to what it’ll finally become. I decided to do a little playing, entering an ingredient and seeing what cocktails come up from the database.

I entered “Cherry Heering”, the lovely Danish cherry liqueur that seems to be currently unavailable in the States due to lack of a distributor (UPDATE: That was cleared up by the end of ’03). I was lucky enough to find a dusty old bottle at Dorignac’s in Metairie and snapped it up. It’s not just for before- or after-dinner sipping, or for Singapore Slings and pousse cafés … I punched it in, 27 recipes came up, and this one sounded the most interesting. I have no idea what it’ll taste like, but it looks intriguing, so I’ll try it tonight and let you know tomorrow if it’s any good (try it yourself first, if you’re adventurous and if you’ve got a bottle of Heering in the back of your bar). Besides, what the world needs now is more rye cocktails.

If you don’t have Heering, I suppose a “cherry-flavored brandy” or other sweet cherry liqueur could be substituted, but not a clear eau-de-vie. Hmm … but kirschwasser would make this cocktail quite bone-dry. Would it be too dry? (Yes, it would. Use Heering, it’s easy to find now.)

The High Hat Cocktail

1-1/2 ounces rye whiskey. (6/10)
1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice. (2/10)
1/2 ounce Cherry Heering. (2/10)

Shake in iced cocktail shaker and strain.
Garnish with a cherry.