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Safe at Home Radio, May 2, 2020

Today’s edition of my new radio show “Safe at Home” is now up for streaming on demand, anytime … after DJ Soul Sister is over on WWOZ tonight, or before or after Jazzfesting in Place on ‘OZ tomorrow. 😄

I continue to have the temerity to do a live radio show while WWOZ is Jazzfesting in Place, and not only that … programming my own Jazzfest material! Oh well, I promised to do a show today, and that I did. (Grateful for online archive!) Featuring music from Dave Bartholomew, Snooks Eaglin, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, Rhiannon Giddens, Bruce Springsteen and more. Enjoy!

Hi! Still out there? Wanna listen to my new radio show?

*tap*tap*tap* … is this thing on?

Does anyone still have an RSS reader? Will this get noticed anymore? Who knows?

So, hi y’all. Here we are, sheltering in place in the time of COVID-19, trying to maintain our sanity, stuff our monsters into the anxiety closet and nail the door down, and probably drinking more than we should. Coping is something we need to do.

A week or so after I got sent home from work I started thinking of what I could do that might bring me joy, and I decided to start up my old radio show (similar mix, more or less, as I had done at KCRW and KCSN for 20 years) via Internet streaming, and that that might bring some other folks joy too.

You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home.

The new show is called “Safe at Home,” referring both to our mayor and governor’s “Safer at Home” sheltering order, plus a tribute to my old mentor/colleague/friend Deirdre O’Donoghue from KCRW, and the series of premium audiocassettes she put together for a few years of live performances from her legendary “avant-pop” show “S*N*A*P,” that were offered to subscribers to the station at the time — they were called “It’s Only Safe at Home” and “Safe at Home in the ’90s?”

It’s been pretty successful in making me feel better so far, and I have a few dozen dedicated friends who tune in every week, but I’d like to expand my listenership. Who knows, I might get a whopping one more listener from here!

The show is live on Saturdays at 1pm Pacific Time, 4pm Eastern Time, 2100 GMT, and can be streamed from this referrer URL:


After the show goes off the air I edit the recording to tighten it up a bit, then it gets uploaded to my new Mixcloud page for streaming on demand, whenever you want! That link is http://mixcloud.com/SazeracLA

I’ve got five shows up so far, over 11 hours of music, and fortunately I solved my crappy mic placement issues after the second week. (I got spoiled at the radio station by having engineers and tech people around me, and now I’m basically doing this with what I have on hand — a digitized music collection of ~80,000 songs, iTunes, Audio Hijack, a Blue Yeti USB mic, and a streaming server rented from a company in Second Life for the princely sum of $8.80 a month).

Please tune in, enjoy, and spread the word!